Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kevin and Julie in a tree : a trade post

I have a few steady trade partners that apparently seem to understand the type of collector I am. And this is what makes trading really fun on the blogosphere : the element of surprise. One of my favorite is Julie, from Acrackedbat. This is the third package I've received from her (aaaah, the third date...), and this time she put to shame whatever cards I've sent her those past weeks. She sent a flat rate box filled with cardboard goodness and fun, and I had a blast sorting them out and adding them to the collection. She really included a little of everything : Blue Jays of course for the main course, but also PCs, basketball and just randomness (I love randomness). Many different brands and years were also included. Let's have a closer look :

 I love those sets ! I already had the George Bell, but I'm glad I got the 32 other oddballs.

Julie even included a sealed 88 pack of Score cards ! First time ever I've opened a pack of cards from the 80s (overproduction era never got to France). 17 cards in that pack *sigh*.

I was very excited to find that card in the lot. I love Kellogg's cards (nothing original here), and saw that one on her blog a few weeks ago and instantly put it on my want list. Yay ! The text on the back is ridiculously small. I guess people were dreaming of bionic eyes back in 1983.

How can you not love that card ?

Back when parallels were made simple.

I've always liked those cards. They have a nice, classy and simple look to them. No gold foil, no gloss...curious for the mid-90s.

Some 90s crazyness. That Bowman Best set is horrendous, but the Flair design works ok. And those embossed cards are really growing on me, especially when it's Alomar and Carter on the cards !

Julie collected until 2001 or 2002, I think, and at that time I was completely out of the game. So most of the sets from those years are new to me, especially considering how many different sets Fleer put out. They have a really nice feel though.

Same thing here, except I'm not sure what they were trying to do with those designs.

Halladay is such a badass on that pic. And I didn't think I'd ever write that.

She didn't forget the more recent sets, with some good looking high-end issues. I tend to chase the autos from those sets and never add the base cards (too expensive with the shipping costs), so those are welcomed.

The card on the left is a refractor. The card in the middle is a refractor. The card on the right is...well, you get it.

I needed that Heritage, and those are my first 2012 minis.

Finally, for the Blue Jays portion of our programm, here are some prospects. I know nothing about the minors, but they're always fun to receive in a trade (hmm I'm not saying that I like receiving minors in trades, huh, let's get this right)

Griffeys ! Including a Donruss RC. And I've always loved that 92 multiple exposures UD.

Two sports stars ! That 92 Fleer is great !

A healthy stack of cool Maddux cards ! You can tell Pacific really liked seeing him with his glasses on. 2001 Heritage looks really good, I need more of those.

A couple of great looking inserts from this year's Stadium Club set ! Never thought I'd be receiving those one day.

Julie also included more random things :

Ok, granted, that Angels logo DOES look a lot like the Blue Jays one ! And Montreal is close enough to Toronto (I'll never turn down a Big Unit RC anyway, great addition)

Some totally random basketball, including some great looking relics and autos of not always so great players (but hey, who cares ?)

I'm always hating on Panini, but those Golden age cards look really fine. I need to see Bad News Bears again !

And finally, a card that really cracked me up (no pun intended) from one of our most famous French historical figures. I can see why she thought of me !

Well, Julie, thanks again, I had an incredibly fun time with that trade package. It will now be another challenge to hit you back with a return package. I can't wait !


  1. That Roy Lee Jackson might well be the best card Fleer ever made.

    1. I thought about you the minute I saw it !an anthem card with a player actually singing it. A dream card

    2. I knew you would both appreciate the player-sung anthem but only had one copy of the card. ;)

  2. It was fun pulling those cards together. I picked up the basketball at my LCS, unable to find your Knicks. The moment I saw the game-used shorts relic card, I says to myself...yeah just perfect for Kevin. Great third date indeed!

    1. I was wondering if you'd seen that 'crotch card'. Made me chuckle when I saw it !

  3. Great stuff. The Mike Miller card is deceptively rare. It's not numbered, but those veteran auto-relics fell about one per 2 boxes. I've been working on that set since it was new and I've only been able to hunt down two or three of them. They don't sell for very much, just actually finding them is the challenge. (Well, the Jordan and Kobe sell for enough that I know I'll never complete the set)

    1. The design s really nice, I understand why you'd want to chase them !

  4. Love the Iverson. He was the fastest player I've ever seen. WVU's first ever Big East game was against Georgetown. It was a great game in which Iverson scored 22 to beat my Mountaineers in overtime.

    1. yeah, I've always liked Iverson, despite the controversies. What a strange career he had...