Monday, January 16, 2017

I fought the 90s and the 90s won

As anybody who's been paying even remotely attention knows, I'm a 90s guy. I enjoy the newer aspects of the hobby (ie not having only a 1:20 000 chance of getting an autograph), but I'm all for the nostalgia of days past and for the craziness of card manufacturers (a time where there were more than 1 licensed, that is). So it's quite naturally that I looked at my Blue Jays checklist and decided to grab some 90s inserts that were missing in my collection. As always in that case, I turned to COMC who offer unbeatable flat shipping rates to international destinations (that would be my case). Let's hope Trump doesn't ban overseas shipping altogether just because he doesn't like our cheese.

Aaaah, first day issues. I wonder if today all cards are first day issues ? I also really liked those Bowman previews. I had the Albert Belle and the PIazza (great cards) and was missing the lone Blue Jay.

No more than 6500 Gold stars produced, says the back. Impressive.

 There were definitely some great players to collect in 93-96 when you were a Blue Jays fan ! Some good looking Pinnacle inserts there. The Cooperstown one actually looks like something Upper Deck could've designed

Didn't get much better than SP in those days, and Holoview in particular. Always nice to see Delgado as a catcher.

I really liked Leaf back in the days, especially their inserts. They seemed to be the most inventive of all (well, Pacific being in a league of their own, of course)

And of course, I had to grab some Joe Carters...I already have many of his, but I still managed to find some cool ones I was missing.

 A hologram !

 Those Stadium Club inserts are awesome. If you look closely, you'll see that those are the Members only versions. I took them because they're pretty much priced the same as the normal ones.

This one I got on ebay. Those signature series are a little confusing and frustrating, as you have few players who sign a lot of cards. I still like that 95 SC a lot, and Green was a favorite of mine, so I'll try to chase a few. Especially since he's not really a big name and some of those cards are very low numbered

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All the minor leagues that are fit to print : another trade post

After the package sent by Matt, it's about time I showed the one sent a couple of months ago by my other good friend and partner in triple break crime : Brian, from Highly subjective.

For this break, Brian chose some Topps Debut. I got the boxe's main hit (the patch card), a cool low numbered Mookie Betts (01/25) and a couple of guys I've actually heard of. Because I have to admit I don't follow baseball close enough to know everything (or anything, for the matter) about the minors, nor to know exactly who made it or not. But hey, cards have always been a way for me to learn more about players !

As always, the box break was completed with trade fodder :

A numbered JR Smith. His bloopers sometimes make more noise than his plays (let's just say he's not always the smartest apple in the batch), but he's still a very talented player. And there's nothing not to love about those 3 football cards (Museum !)

Since Brian knows I can't find packs of cards where I live, he'll sometimes include a few unopened ones. Always awesome to rip packs ! I see those Babe Ruth for cheap online all the time, maybe I'll grab a box one day, they're pretty fun.

PC players, including a nice shiny Rolen and my first 2016 Stadium Club. I really hope to find some boxes within my price range (around $50) someday in the near future.

 100% certified 90s cards ! Alomar, even in an Orioles uniform is still Alomar !

More 90s greatness. I love those SP cards. I seem to remember those inserts were pretty tough to come by, and packs very expensive to begin with (maybe not as expensive as 93 Finest, but still)

A couple of pitchers. One is shiny refractory, the other had an amazing career.

 Some nice Heritage inserts and your usual white modern patch (I need to check if Arencibia is still around)

And finally, just like that, a Brett Cecil Yellow printing plate ! Always amazing to get one in a trade. Brian actually pulled it from a pack, so yay, lucky me.

Thanks a lot Brian, and I still need to show off the cards I received yesterday...the cards just keep coming, it's Christmas everyday. Woohooo

Sunday, January 8, 2017

They call me Papoy Shady, I'm back, I'm back (a trade post)

Woohoo, the other day, my brother showed me an app that allows me to use my phone as a scanner. It's not perfect, but it'll do for now, and at least I can show some long overdue cards (and get back to blogging).

My great friend Matt sent me the winnings from our Triple Box break, and this time he chose a box of 2016 Archives. I haven't been paying attention much to this year's late releases and haven't been trading much, which means that was my first glimpse at the product. I'm very late to the party, but I agree with most of you : Topps did a good job on this year's Archives, especially with the 91 Topps design.

A low numbered red parallel is always nice, and there are always Yankees collectors out there I can send that Blomberg card to. I asked Matt to send me the Ron Shelton one, not because of Bull Durham, but more because White men can't jump is one of my all time favorite movies (yeah, I'm such an intellectual). And yes, absolutely, it is one ugly card.

Now, for the trade portion of the package, and we all know how Matt always surprises us with awesome cards that are right on the money as for as our respective collections are concerned :

My very first Warren Moon relic ! I love that card, football jerseys make for interesting cards.

Not every day that Matt sends me some basketball card ! Impossible not to be a fan of Bernard King's, and Immaculate is always a nice looking set.

PC Autos ! A nice on card auto from Scott Rolen (I don't dare look at the number of Rolen autos out there) and my very first Hernandez auto, on a cool UD set \o/

More Pc, this time with great designs and great looking cards (aaaah, those Padres colors)

And finally, your traditional A&G mini framed auto, one of the best ideas they've ever had

Thanks again Matt, and sorry for being away for so long, but this time I'm definitely back, as long as I have cards to show !

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bonne année !

I've been away much too long, so what better a day to make a come back than the 1st of January ?

That being said, I don't have any cards to show, as my scanner hasn't been working now for 3 months (and 3 months is a long time without being able to scan cards), and I don't like taking pics of cards with my phone. In the past 3 months, I've received some great trade packages from Brian, Matt, Kenny (yup, I've been zippy zapped !), some triple break stuff , some awesome 90s inserts from COMC and some supertraders packages  (thanks guys !). Sorry I haven't given proper props. I also got a bunch of packs and boxes for Xmas (nothing too exciting though, but it was fun as always).

I'm still very much collecting, even though I don't spend nearly as much now on cards as I used to. Shipping has gotten out of hand and I've pretty much opened most of the 90s products I've wanted to get my hands on. It's still mostly about nostalgia for me ! There have also been major changes in my life lately (I'm not living by myself anymore, basically, and looking for a new place to live, with a bigger room for my cards), so that hasn't helped my card-sorting.

But all in all, things are good. The baseball season was great and I'm hoping the results will still follow next year for the Blue Jays. Topps flagship will be out in exactly a month, so we'll see if I dish out for a box (but the design doesn't inspire me that much).

This year is an election year in France, so we'll see if we go full right wing like you guys in the US did...scary times.

Anyway, I've got a Lego Wall-e to build and some cards to sort ! Happy new year to all my blogging friends and I hope to trade way more this year !

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mama said knock you out

Ok, so where was I ?
Oh yeah...less money blablabla less time to blog blablabla less trades blablabla still enjoying the hobby very much though etc etc.

I did however manage to grab a few cards off ebay (mainly for trades) to avoid collapsing from withdrawal. Be warned though, this isn't going to be very exciting !

I wasn't really around when the whole parallels craze came about in the late 90s, but I do understand that those certified gold were a pain to find (1:299 if my memory serves me right, and I'm just too lazy to check right now (God I hope nobody reads that blog to learn anything)). This is the very first of my collection, and at .99 ct I'm sure it's still a bargain 20 years after its release. And yeah, I did peel it off.

Shawn Green has been signing a lot of cards lately, which is fine by me as I've always liked him even if he's probably better known for his Dodgers playing days.

Yes, absolutely, that card is definitely ugly. But I've always wanted a Byron Scott auto in my collection. I don't know why. Probably because I've watched my Back to Back VHS hundreds of times (it came with a subscription to a basketball magazine and is the tale of their back to back championships from 88-89). I'll probably never own a Magic auto, but James Worthy is next on my list.

So there you go, three very random cards for a random post !
I'll be back.
I promise.
Don't forget about me. We're still friends.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Making a pause during the Olympics to show off cards

Things have been very slow lately card-wise at Papoy HQ in France. No new cards added in July (I was away most of the time on vacation instead of gorging myself in 90s cardboard like I usually do in the summer) and I haven't received a trade package since the month of May. I definitely need to address that issue and start packing cards to send out to my fellow bloggers !

Before going to Britanny, I did however have Comc send a few cards I had accumulated from a couple ebay dealers the previous weeks. This allowed me to see that they increased shipping from $3 to $5. Ah well. Still way worth it and a great all around service.

Woohoo, one of my main PC guy's first auto ! There are many Vizquel autos available out there, but I was just waiting for the right card, I suppose, and decided this was it. Got it for $11 I think , and it's nice and on-card.

This one seller had those two cards with BIN options. I made an offer ($6 each) which was accepted, and that's pretty normal since those are not encased. And man, I love that collection. So much that I then realized I already had the Dave Stieb (forgot to put it in my spreadsheet, so that had me fooled). I now have 2 mustache-less Dave Stieb autos in my collection. On the other hand, this is my first Jimmy Key auto, who was really underrated in his Blue Jays days.

 The good thing about a player being assigned to the minors is that his cards (usually) stay cheap. I'm hoping he gets called up next season despite a so-so season at AAA.

Those two shouldn't be reassigned any time soon. I liked those cards, and even more the fact that they were .99ct each. Not that they're really worth more

A couple of real nice quad Museum Collection relics. Unless I get completely mad, I'll never open one of those high end boxes, so cherry picking cards here and there ($5 each) is a nice option. I especially like that red fabric on the Donaldson. Maybe it's from Canada Day.

And finally, a random card of a random player. A good player, mind you (out for the season apparently), but random to me. But I picked it up because I thought the patch was very purty and I like my cards to be pretty, even when they're of Cardinals players.

So there, finally some cards to show off here ! Hope everybody's having a nice summer, I'll go back to watching the Olympics 10 hours per day !

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The numbers game

I stink at maths. I always have. Mainly because I decided around 14 years old, when it started getting more complicated at school, that I simply didn't understand it. The truth was more that I just didn't want to study maths and completely forgot to make any effort. It was very convenient.

But the truth is that I love baseball because I love statistics. Same reason why I got into poker (like everybody else) some 12 years ago. I wouldn't do the maths in my head (because I'm not that smart), but I did know every probability possible depending on every configuration possible. All I had to do then was calculate pot odds, which is in my ballpark.

As for baseball statistics, I'd never be able to devise any (again, not that smart), but I love looking at all those numbers. I remember looking very closely at box scores in the paper when I first learned about the game. Much more interesting than basketball or football stats.

So when I heard about that book, I knew I needed it right away. And I received it today. I'm psyched. Can't wait to read it !