Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy Birthday boy

Those who follow me on twitter already know about this, but just as I was whining a couple of months ago about how nobody around me could possibly offer me the perfect baseball-related gift, my girlfriend surprised me with arguably the best present I've ever received :

A signed Ken Griffey Jr baseball. And not just any baseball : one from 91-93 (it's a Bobby Brown American League one), aka my favorite era in baseball and in memory lane. Ballpoint, sweet spot, there's nothing not to like about that signature. I had actually brought home from the US an official baseball just like that one, but it's all faded now and doesn't even have that distinctive baseball smell anymore, so what's the point ? So, yeah, I'll cherish this one for a long time...

And yesterday, my close friends received the gift they'd planned for me :

An official Blue Jays jersey, with my name stitched on the back, along with the big 4-0. Surprisingly enough, I don't own a Blue Jays jersey with their old logo. I only have a white one with Blue Jays written accross it. Nothing too exciting. Needless to say, I love that one ! I might try one day to track down a Candian Day red jersey, but the idea of a 200$ price tag because of shipping and handling is a major, major bump on the road.

None of my friends (nor my girlfriend) will read this, but I'm sure they know I love them. I shall now parade all over Paris amongst all those PSG soccer jerseys (I don't know if you followed, but they just acquired the most expensive player in soccer history : the Brazilian star Meymar, for 222M € (250 M $)) with an encased baseball in my hand.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back buying on Ebay

Woohooo, I received some cards today ! I bought a few things while on vacation, mainly vintage, but I also shopped around a little for Matt and Brian (and a couple others !). While I was at it, I added cards for my own collection, depending on what the seller had (I only bought from 2 different sellers). I won't have much to show, I'm afraid, as I try to keep the other cards a surprise for my friends, plus I'm scanning those with my phone at work (yeah, the month of August in France is brutal. Everybody's on vacation (we get 5 weeks paid vacation here, might as well use them when it's nice out and all cram at the nearest beaches) where the light is less than perfect.

Ah well.

I'm still happy to post cards ! (I wonder if that can be counted as a vacation pun ?)

Wow, now that's of the few 2017 cards I own, and the second one of Morales. I've lost track of mini parallels, I don't even know how scarce those are...hold on, I'll go check...Ok, those are 1:10. Yay.

The day they started making parallels of inserts was the day everything started going wrong in this hobby. I would've prefered the orange parallel, at least it looks kinda funky. Not a big fan of the design there. They should've done something more along the lines of Ring leaders from the 90s.

Aaaah, throwbacks. I'll never make enough fun of those. I grabbed them because they were cheap and the pack had a couple of Blue Jays in it (silly team collectors...). I saw that there are different degrees of scarcity, Red being the most scarce. There's one of those included. Topps really needs to understand that we do not want to rediscover 80s and 90s Topps (and even less early 2000s). We were already there at the time. Our generation makes the hobby, and our generation has stacks and stacks of those. But hey, there's a stamp on those 2 million cards they inserted. That makes it special.

Finally, some Gold glove relic ! This morning, when I looked at some baseball news on my tablet, it read 'a cat runs on the field and then Yadier crushes..." and the rest of the text didn't appear. I wasn't really awake, so I really thought he had crushed that poor cat, Winfield/Seagull style. Turns out it's a grand slam that he crushed. Oooooh. Much better.