Tuesday, January 20, 2015

J'aime Jem and the Holograms

Last month, Comc.com offered free shipping for a limited time. Since I usually buy cheap cards, a $3 flat shipping, even though it's a great deal, will keep me from just pulling the trigger on a dozen cards or so. That time, I figured I might as well just pick a few cards, and the first that came to mind were....HOLOGRAMS !

I've already expressed my love for those a lot of times, and I suppose the love comes from the fact that they were the first inserts I got while opening packs of 91-92 Upper Deck basketball. Or it's simply the fact that they look insanely cool.

I now own half the set. It's time to add all the missing ones to my comc cart.
Hold on.

Next up, the 1996 Pinnacle Denny's set. Including full motion action shots. How amazing is that ? In 96, I was back in France and my only window on the hobby was my monthly Beckett. It was the only way for me to know about what cards existed, since I didn't have the Internet yet. I didn't even know that the Internet existed, for the matter. And Beckett never wrote a feature about how great those holograms are. Go figure. No wonder I don't subscribe anymore. For obvious reasons, those cards don't scan well, but I'm sure you all have some in your collections !

The Wizzard actually made himself disappear during the scanning process. The hologram shows him making his famous entrance flip. Pretty cool.

I was actually jealous of the one I got Matt for his Bob Walk collection, so I looked to see what Blue Jays were available. This one wasn't cheap ($3) and I'm still not sure I understand the whole Buyback concept, but it's still a low numbered issue of David Wells, so I adopted it.

My life needs more Masterpieces.Those cards are outright gorgeous.

Probably saw that one on The Junior Junkie's blog. My life also needs more Gallery.
I have some serious voids that need to be filled.
If I may say so bluntly.

Ps : about the title, you have to have lived through (and survived) the 80s to know what Jem and the holograms is, and note the play on words with 'j'aime', which is french for 'I love'. Yeah, I know...


  1. Then and Now - my first cards ever. Still love them! Masterpieces and Gallery, both gorgeous issues. You have such excellent taste my friend!

  2. The 91 Upper Deck Football Holograms were pretty cool too.

  3. Oh jem and the holograms. Good times good times

  4. I dig holograms too, it is just something different enough to keep the cards original and the Denny's cards are some of my favorites.

  5. Those Denny's cards were awesome. I remember fighting my brother if he got a better card than me. It was the only time in my life where going to Denny's was desired.