Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Infatuation post : 94 Stadium Club

It's all in the title. And in some of the cards.

I DO NOT understand the shape of that bat. Weird optical illusion (or he felt so confident in 94 that he used a threadlike bat) .

And as much as I love Stadium Club, let's say that their cards aren't always a home run.

There are few things less exciting in life than pulling a parallel card of a checklist.

I'm a big fan of Vizquel's. But man, this may just be one of the worst cards ever made. Or one of the best since it makes me laugh. The jury is still out. One thing is for sure, even the special effects in Superman I (you know, with the bad guys trapped inside a 2 D wall) were better executed.

Yeah I know, that was one lazy post ! But love can be lazy sometimes. Let's enjoy it.


  1. I personally love that Vizquel. It sums up the craziness of the '90s so well.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Brady Anderson is holding a busted bat there. It must have split down from the top of the barrel.

  2. 94 Stadium Club - brings back the memories. I spent a LOT of $$$ in 94. I bought almost every product released. I was nuts. (Not much has changed there.)