Sunday, November 2, 2014

Deltron 2020

And then there
It's not the return and the advent of Dinosaurs, as I suppose that would be tobacco card companies, but it's close enough, especially considering the Turkey Red, Gipsy Queen, 206 and A&G reprints/makeovers.

So let's see what the hobby looks like since Topps took over in 2010 (well, 2011, Upper Deck cheated a little in 2010).

I like those. The idea is a great one. At least you can trace the jersey to one game. Ok, it's a workout jersey. They probably sweat through a whole bunch of those. But still, it's cute.

Topps brought Bowman with them. Woopty doo.

I have no idea what the whole Topptown concept is. I did unlock some players this year, but on the back of the Halladay card, they promise I'll make friends and meet stars. Can't wait.

They also brought Topps Chrome. Shiny refractors impossible to scan.

Parallels. I think the first one is of the Cognac kind. Hennessy party ! Strangley, I feel like listening to some Snoop dogg right now.

2014 Parallels. Some gold, some green, some red foil, some blue....

Return of the minis and, besides the Turkey Reds, some not really impressive inserts. The Chasing History one is nice though.

So there you go, 4 1/2 decades of oddballs and inserts. I really loved that lot, plenty of different things to enjoy in there, and only maybe a couple of cards I already had. Even with S&H, it came out to about 25 ct per card, which is perfectly fine by me. I'll be on the lookout for more of that kind ! One thing's for sure : I do miss the 90s...

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  1. You can't be a quarter a card. What an awesome variety!