Saturday, November 15, 2014

Busting November open part I

In this day and age, I have no idea why I keep buying boxes of cards. Probably because it's something I could only seldom do in the 90s when I was collecting. Probably, and that's more likely, because there's nothing quite like it.
I'm not looking for hits, even though it's always nice to daydream. But since I hardly buy anything over $30, my daydreams will last all through the night. Still, it's great to just open a pack and flip cards and discover what's in there. I try not to think that it's just a bunch of cards that will take up space and aren't in my PC or Blue Jays collections and won't constitute much as far as trade bait is considered. BUT STILL, IT S FUN !

First, a box of 2008 SP Authentic. Obviously a retail box considering the price I paid for it ($25) and the total absence of hits (0)

Some kinda boring base cards (though I do like the backs) and a Blue Jay I needed.

Some kinda boring inserts.

A RC Sp of a player who never really made it to the majors and goes from AA assignment to AA assignment.

Second, a couple of packs of 2013 Archives. I've said it many times : I love Archives. I don't know what it is about them, but they bring a smile to my lovely face. Making it even more lovely.

Some pitchers who have had some pretty good days.

A SP and an insert. I never saw any original 3D card, but I'd love to.

Third, some 2013 Gipsy Queen. 7 packs, actually. On the box, they write that it's 6 + 1 packs...why not write 7 directly ? I do not know. The people in marketing sometimes have their own special take on things.  I've said it many times : I do not like Gipsy Queen. So why buy a blaster box ? Good question. The people in my head sometimes have their own special take on things. The people in my head are kinda dumb sometimes.

Minis are really growing on me. I think there are variations possible. I'm too lazy to check. Those do not look like variations, so let's say they aren't.

Some base cards of numerous unanimous multiple Cy Young winners (that was fun to write)

Ok, those two inserts ARE really nice.

Finally (for now), a few packs of Heritage. A&G wins gold, Archives silver, and Heritage wins bronze in my modern heart.

A couple of Blue Jays I needed, which makes me very close to a complete set. Still missing 5, including a couple of SPs.

Some inserts.

Some SPs. Aren't those blue borders Wall Mart blue ?

Finally, a "hit". It's impossible not to be a fan of someone named Carlos Santana.

So here's for now...nothing very exciting, and I'm sparing you the packs of  2006 Upper Deck (nothing there at all), and 2009 and 2011 Topps (ditto). But still a lot of cards to show !


  1. I have also wondered about the way Topps markets that "Extra pack" or "Bonus Pack". It does seem a little silly.

  2. At least Santana is an established player.