Monday, April 24, 2017

20 odd years

So apparently, we've had around (if not precisely) 20 transatlantic box breaks with Matt and Brian. Not bad at all ! Like I've often said, I know the hassle (and cost) of international postage, and I'll always be deeply grateful for all of you who allow me to live my hobby fully. It's one thing to buy cards online, all it takes is a credit card and some patience, but  it's another to be part of a community and to be able to trade cards.
Maybe I feel all lyrical because of the French election, I don't know !

Anyway, this time Brian, from HSCA, decided to open a box of 2017 Diamond Kings (PANINI !!). I'm pretty sure those are my first cards from the new season, as I'm always late to that kind of party.

Pretty much what we've come to expect from DK over the past years. Don't know how long they can keep this up, it's really more and more of the same.

I didn't get any hits per se, but there were a couple of numbered parallels, including a #01 (woohoo).

 Those cards confuse me. Apparently there are about 30 base card variations in the set. And I really, really do not see the point there.

Because there was only one Blue Jay card for me in the entire break (the Donaldson), Brian, as always, pimped the package with a bunch of cards for our ongoing trading. He warned me that he'd got my back, and that may just be the understatement of the year. Major haul !

So this is what 2017 flagship looks like ? I'll have to see more to have an opinion though. Some nice high end brands in there too, that I'd never get otherwise !

 Obviously, my first 2017 Heritage and GQ cards. I understand the heritage set is based on one of the least liked Topps sets of all time, but I still think it works well. The GQ design is a major improvement from previous years !

Brian sent me A TON of hits/relics/autos of all sorts. They kept coming and coming.

 So far this season, Bautista has hit 1 HR and has a .132 BA. Not sure about those 500 career Hrs...

Autographs galore ! I don't know what those 2005 Topps Pack wars were. I'll need to look into it. I've always liked Melky, even though he only spent a couple of seasons in Toronto. Happy to add an auto of his. Nice looking Adam Lind card too !

Woohoo, more Delgados ! For some reason, parallel autos annoy me. But I'm happy to add a low numbered one to the collection

A little bit of everything there ! A very cool Baerga and a couple of IP autos (I suppose). It's kinda difficult to obtain Warren Moon autos (ie : too expensive for me), so even if it's unofficial, it came as a great surprise to me ! The Kaat cut signature looks sooooo strange cut up like that. Why not keep the entire 78 topps base card and just frame it ? Ok, it defeats the whole purpose of "cut signature", but still...odd choice. Makes it interesting though !

For obvious reasons (they suck big time), I haven't been adding many Knicks cards lately, so here's a nice clear welcome addition of a player who spent one season in the organization. Very cool card nonetheless.

A little bit of everything, including one for the Mets binder !

90s !! It's fun to see Willie Keller in a Toronto uniform. It appears that the HOFer played one season for the Malple Leafs after retiring...

Oh, and not shown here are a 1978 and 1979 Blue Jays media guide (and a couple of Topps coins) ! I love those things, they're a blast to look at, and filled with stats.

Thanks again Brian, that was one amazing trade package !


  1. Whenever I see Blue Jays (or Pirate) Autographs for a good price, I scoop them up. I try to include a few each time, but this time I pretty much emptied the box for you. I'll be sure to have that built up again by the next shipment overseas!

    I'm about 60% to 75% sure that the Warren Moon and Frank White autographs are real, there was no Certificate of Authenticity on them, and that's why they were affordable for me to send your way.

    1. the autos look real enough, and even if they aren't, Im not sure I care. Very cool to have them in top loaders nonetheless !

  2. More of the same? Perhaps - but that shore is a purty little Sandberg you got ther. always fun to see what you fellas are up to!

    1. I'm putting that Rino aside for you, and we'll both wait for the trade embargo to be over ! (and the Miggys too)

  3. I keep forgetting about the SC Baerga. Gotta snag one for the DP binder.

    1. I actually have an extra one, I'll send it your way at some point !

  4. That was an awesome package. Love the Finest autos. Like Brian I've pretty much emptied my Blue Jays. I've been focusing on the gold glovers.

    1. with you guys, my collecting life is like a box of chocolates ! (you can tell how old I am just by my movie references)