Monday, April 18, 2016

Wes passes to Matt who passes to me who passes to Wes

A long time ago, Wes sent cards for me. To Matt. Who then forwarded them to me. A nice love triangle if you ask me. In any case, as always, Wes put together a very thoughtful package filled with hits and parallels and a little bit of everything. There were many more, but I'll be showing the ones I needed for my collection !

Those Immaculate cards, logoless and all, are really nice looking. Goes to show that Panini are actually capable of coming up with nice designs once in a while. I also love those Delgados.

Autos ! Including a TTM or IP, I don't know. Bowman issues always confuse the heck out of me, plus I never know who the players are, but that Reid-Foley auto is quite cool !

Parallels ! Most are serial numbered, including that first black one numbered 3/5 !

Issues from before my collecting days ! and yay, early Leaf !

Beautiful nineties cards from my collecting days. Those Mc Donald's Baseball's Best cards look really sharp, and Pinnacle sure knew how to make inserts back then. I don't hate Topps Embossed, but those gold foil cards were a very bad idea...

The collecting Bermuda triangle of 2000's....

Mini cards !

And finally, cards from the past few years. Always nice to receive some Museum Collection in trades, as I'll never ever bust a box open (I'm not the #SUPERTRADER Wes is)

Thanks again Wes and Matt for your combined generosity ! I have a couple really nice cards (I hope) to send your soon as they'll have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to get to me !


  1. The way your headline sounds, I thought you were going to say that you all have started a rugby league team.

  2. Random question, what tv channel do you use to watch baseball?

    1. no French tv channels show (or have shown, for the matter) baseball. Ever. There is one that has the rights to the NBA and NFL and also snatched MLB, but they show one game (the sunday night one) per week, and French commentaries are simply horrible. So I use MLBTV. I've been subscribing since 2003 or 2004, and the great thing about being overseas is that I don't have any blackout restrictions.