Thursday, August 6, 2015

93 Til Infinity

A little while ago, I expressed my strong desire (yes, sometimes I express strong desires) to complete the 93 UD set. Tom, from Angels in order, was (very) nice enough to look at my wantlist and single handedly knock off 2/3rds of my needs. Just like that. Blam.
Here are the highlights of the 90 cards he sent my way.

Some superstars I was missing, for some strange reason. Including a PC.

One of my favorite cards of all time. I know for a fact that I own a copy (considering it's been one of my favorite cards for 20 years), so it's strange that it's ended up on my want list. It must mean I've misplaced it...

Yes, absolutely, Albert Belle is smiling on that card. It's an extra special card to me, because it's the one that appears on the back of the Beckett issue on which I have several Indians in person autos. Yay.

This is very strange. The minute I scanned that Walt Weiss card just for Matt, my scanner started acting up. All my scans are miscut from then on. There must be a Weiss curse of sorts. It's still a pretty cool card though, with the blurry dust and all.

I wonder what that buckett used to hold, and whether the UD logo was added digitally.
 Now THAT's a soaked field if I ever saw one ! want to be careful with that stance, Chris.

And finally, some nice horizontal shots, including a game of tag.

Thanks a lot Tom, you really made my day ! For those of you who have nothing better to do with your precious time, my 93 UD want list is right here !

While I'm at it, I'll show a couple of basketball ebay wins I received today :

I used to really like Terry Porter, for some reason. And this is a very nice die-cut on card auto !

This here is a Panini Preferred booklet. Boxes go for about $200. For that price, you get 4 cards. Why anyone would want to pay that much money to open just one pack of 4 cards is beyond me but hey, I spent $120 in shipping and taxes to break 6 boxes of 90s wax, so who am I to judge ?

Anyway, since absolutely nobody cares about neither Parsons nor former Knick Hardaway Jr, I was able to snatch it for about $5. It's safe to assume the seller didn't really make a profit. It's a great looking booklet, so more power to me !