Monday, March 16, 2015

Family Guy part III

As you all know by now, Brian hosted an innovative break : you claimed a team, and in exchange all you had to do was send some Twins from the era he wasn't collecting cards at all (like many of us, me included, so I can relate ! ). Since the Blue Jays had already been claimed and I thought the idea was too cool not to participate, I picked the Mariners, hoping for some Griffeys.

Turns out it was a pretty smart move (thank you very much), especially considering I have most Blue Jays base cards from the many boxes he chose to include : 1996 Pinnacle, 1999 Ultra, 2002 Fleer Greats and 2002 Topps Gallery. A great choice and variety of boxes that made for a real fun break that we could all watch live (I watched from 1 am to 4 am and called it a night).

I did pretty good, and it allowed Brian to send me this third envelope crammed with cards, in as many weeks. The USPS and Scotch are very grateful.

First, the hits. Gold medallions and a couple of Naturals inserts, including the Griffey. So yay !

I myself opened a box of 2003 SC not so long ago, so I'm only missing a dozen of cards from the set, but I did not have that Ichiro gold parallel.

Strange that I hadn't picked up that Griffey base card. It's always been high on my want list.

A couple more Griffeys, including one from an interleague game, I suppose,  and three different A-Rods. He's more PED-friendly than fan-friendly, but he's still one hell of a player.

Ichiro or not, ANY player looks good on a Gallery card.

Finally, in addition to the Mariners cards, Brian, of course, included some cards for my PC. The Puckett is especially nice to get, as he's Brian's favorite player from his childhood. Ok, he probably has multiple copies, BUT STILL. There were no Mariners in the Fleer Greats checklist, so I'm getting the Wizzard. Great choice !

Oh, and there was also that unopened X Files pack of cards. I never really watched the show (my mom and brother were big fans though, and my brother actually collected those cards), but what I do know is that those cards scare me to death.

Thanks for helping make the hobby even more fun than it already is, I hope you'll be bombed with Twins cards from the early 2000s !


  1. Whoa - I included those X Files cards to be funny - the pack I opened myself was no where near as creepy as those cards! All I found in my pack were kind of blurry dark screenshots from the show with Mulder and Scully investigating things...Definitely no Alien babies in jars... Yeesh!
    Yes, that Puckett was already in my collection, so I was happy to forward it along to you to enjoy.

    1. I can tell a Bieber-retaliation/pre-emptive strike when I see one ! (damn, now I wish I hadn't opened those Bieber packs and just included them in my trades) Those are indeed really strange. And the numbers of the cards included in the pack are consecutive. Takes care of collation problems, I suppose !

  2. Man, I didn't realize the X Files cards were so morbid.

    Brian did a great job with the break.